Yuan Ze University’s Campus Development Foundation welcomes and invites contributions of any amount from all members of the society with an interest in fostering education. The fund will be used for the betterment of university education to benefit young men and women.

We are committed to the sustainable and systematic development of the foundation that in turn will enable the growth and strengthening of Yuan Ze University. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to those enthusiastic and zealous contributors. Your encouragement and material aids are the true motivation and driving force of our unrelenting effort.

The university’s fundraising is focused on the Campus Development Foundation, and the funds are primarily used for the following programs:



捐資興學2   捐資興學2 無限安心   捐資興學3 急難救助助學金
Disadvantaged Student Support Program   Endowed financial aid fund for students in need   Student emergency aid donation program
捐資興學4 獎助學金   捐資興學5 國際交流與合作   捐資興學6 增購圖書資源
Instituting scholarship   International exchange and cooperation   Procurement of books and publications
捐資興學7 其他        
Other Programs



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