To my dearest friends,

For over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are having a hard time and many countries are still facing the situation of national lockdown and store closures. Due to Taiwan's success in controlling and thinking ahead, we can go out for shopping, dining together, and even travel in the country. In addition to thanking national disease prevention efforts, we want to pay tributeto the Centers for Disease Control and relevant medical staff for our safe and healthy life.

Established as the College of Engineering, Yuan Ze University has entered its 32nd year. Yuan Ze University is famous for the information and communications technology. In response to the rise of artificial intelligence, the university has fully implemented bilingual courses, and initiated the required course of programming language in 2017. As a “New Normal” is coming in the post-epidemic era, many economic activities have to take place on line. The school have provided online teaching instead of physical class for foreign students who were unable to return to class soon. Thanks to COVID, our international volunteer teams cannot go abroad; however, they continue to serve in nursing homes and remote villages in Taiwan, spreading their love to the society.

1 14Upholding the school motto of Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, and Prudence, Yuan Ze University runs the school earnestly with excellent teachers, outstanding researches and cultivating talents for a long time. The performance of our alumni is highly recognized in the society. In recent years, the school has cooperated with the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Sprout Project to provide special subsidies and guidance to students who have financially disadvantages or weakness in learning.

Meanwhile, because of environmental factors, many student families encountered challenges or emergencies suddenly. The school also provides the project of relief subsidy; emergency allowance and various scholarships to help students in need reduce their financial pressure.

In recent years, universities have to raise more funds by themselves because the government has the limited educational resources. Yuan Ze University has received generous donation, which enriches the educational resources; sponsors academic and club activities and provides scholarships. Those assistances with love and warmth help students and school a lot. I hereby express my deepest gratitude and respect for your enthusiasm and concern on education; as well as sincerely invite you to continue the support to assist students in need, so that they would not lose the opportunity of learning for the environment or inherent deficiencies.  

We need more support and resources from you. As the birthrate declines, Yuan Ze University will face more challenges. We hope you could sustainably encourage us so that we can operate the school firmly and diligently. Your support is the driving force for our big progress.

                                                                              Best Regard,


  20160203簽名檔 英文 1



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