Due to the rapid growth of higher education, Taiwan already has 154 University and Colleague schools for past few years. Under the limitation resources from government, the crowding-out effect of funds makes those schools institute almost run short of the ways. Because of this effect, hose universities also face the challenges. The important prerequisite of each university are searching other financial sources and implement the social supports actively. 

In recent years, social changes have impacted on the education environment, the higher learning organizations especially. However, the overall national budget for higher education in the allocation of government expenditure is unable to increase reasonably. The numbers of private university takes major portion of Taiwan colleges and universities (around 68%). And the resources allocation is in huge difference from national universities. Funds of a national university mainly come from government, while the income of a private university mainly relies on tuition. To make up the insufficient funds, private university not only need government’ prizes allowance ,but also need the income from enterprises’ cooperation education programs, tutoring classes and donations. However, the difficulty exists for sure. Except the donations from school board of directors, alumni and enterprises, there are few of income in large amount.

The fact is the income from donation in educational institution takes small portion: for example , national university fundraising amount takes 0.93%、0.28%、0.3% of total income in school year of 1996 , 1997 and 1998. (2001 statistics) Although the performance of fundraising is growing, it is still lower than the university in USA with 10%~20% share. Under the inferior competition conditions of private universities, how to break through in fundraising has become a key issue among those private universities.

Since founded in 1989, the school development has been in completeness under the support from enterprises, government, and academia, and the unremitting efforts from school faculty colleagues.We win the highest honors from the evaluation of the Ministry of Education.  In 1998 , the "Vision" magazine hold 1998 Taiwan University reputation survey report and our school is selected in the list of "the most potential university in next 10 years ". In Career magazine, published in July 2003, our school was selected as the best of young university in Taiwan. In OCT. 2003,we win the highest honor National Quality Award from the Executive Yuan which is the initiative in Taiwan. It also brings Taiwan education into the milestone of quality management. In 2004 Hong Kong Ming Pao News reported the developing experience of Yuan Ze University is a legend. In Oct. 2004 Career magazine, students with Master Degree from Yuan Ze University are the most welcome employees for enterprises in Taiwan.


To develop the resources of income, we established Yuan Ze University Development Foundation in 1993. The Chairman appoints the members. The goal of Foundation is to plan and develop all kinds of fundraising activities. The target donors are divided into internal and external public, including alumni, students study the tutoring education, cooperative education companies, parents and staff, etc. (see the chart 1). The Foundation set fundraising rules, thank-you letter and classification of donation resources: academic exchanges, specific purpose, scholarships, donor for the 6th Building, emergency assistance funds; professor, identity card income, souvenir income, and other practices donations.  Moreover, the Foundation set up fundraising goals into short, medium and long-term periods. The Foundation also refers to well-known fundraising experiences and practices in order to develop the fundraising activity more effectively.

Chart one. How fundraising works in Yuan Ze University




Managing and supervising of the University affairs.


Staffs and faculty.

The public

1. Donors:People, enterprises and organizations offer sources such as money and gifts.

2. Targets:The University offers lists of people and organizations needing sources.

3. People:Groups with no specific interests.

Parents and alumni

Support to expand the influence of the University.



Regulations making by the Government have great influence in the management of schools, and subsidies from the Government is one of important sources.


Enterprises provide scholarships, cooperation with schools, and human resources.


Help promoting goals and ideas of the University and draw more attentions and donations from the public.

Sources:(Den Wang Hsieh、Pei Chung Tsai,2004:18)


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